Welcome to my corner folks… a corner where I pen down my thoughts, feelings, emotions, life journey and all that flows through my mind & heart. The language is a fine blend of my mother tongue- Hindi, my first language – English and a language that touches hearts instantly – Urdu.

Some low notes, some high notes but together all the poems and blogs make a beautiful song….. a life song I cherish.

Hope this bay of sentiments is worth reading for you!

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A thinker, a writer, a woman constantly evolving like a free bird with her life journey – lovingly called as Mini by all. I have had a unique upbringing with all the pampering en-showered by my life size joint family.

My academics showcase a diverse knowledge background ranging from LL.B to an MBA in HR. I started my career with Advertising only to realise that my communication skills and in-depth thinking about life, psychology and people will lead me to the path of being a successful Learning & Development Manager. Behind the face of a behavioural trainer; I am a fashion model, a photographer and an event comperer who loves to manage social-cultural events.

Mini – a free wandering mind and a deep soul that loves to dive in thoughts others may run from. Unlike others, writing is not a passion for me… instead it is a part of my existence. My life journey¬†sets me apart from others and has been captured in photographs and in my write-ups forever.

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