Ek Yaad …..

Ek chote se dil ki hai ek choti si yaad;

Na mar sakte hain tumpe na honge kurbaan;
Naraazgi kam ho jaaye toh ek ishaara bhar karna;
Keh denge tumko apni masoom si fariyaad….

Dastoor he kuch ajeeb hai, Kisi ki kami kyun thehraau;
Na rishtaa koi tumse Na koi naam jo batlaau;
Kasoor bas yahi hai iss nadaan mere dil ka;
Mohabbat kar Li hai tumse, Ab kya iss dastaan ko jhutlaau….

Duniya ki iss bheed mein aksar yahi hota hai;
Jeevan k iss ghere me bas dil he fanna hota hai;
Ku har ek shaqs ke dil pe jakhm ek gehra sa hota hai;
Kuki shayad har ek ka dil kisi aur k seene mein bhi dhadakta hai……….


मैं हूँ 

किसी रोज़ बारिश जो आये समझ लेना बुन्दों में मैं हूँ..

बादल जो गरजने लगे तो समझ लेना आहटों में मैं हूँ..

जो छू जायें बूंदे कभी तो समझ लेना एहसासों में मैं हूँ..

सरसराहट जो महसूस हो तो समझ लेना हरकतों में मैं हूँ……

कमी जो रह जाये फिर भी कहीं तो..

ना जज़्बात हमारे काबिल लगे तो..

बिन मौसम की बारिश के बादल की तडपन..

इनं सभी से शिकायत होने लगे तो..

समझ लेना रूह की गेहरायी में मैं हूँ ………

A Father who is an amazing Daddy too!

Every emotion has been for mum, only to realise you yourself are my emotional self.

All the affection for mum, silence for dad

All the feelings for mum, arguments for dad

All the concern for mum, worries for dad

All the discussions for mum, only questions for dad

All the positive vibes for mum, only distance for dad

All the care for mum, only anger for dad

All the cuddles for mum, only glances for dad..
I know you were strict, but to make me confident

I know you were rude, but only to make me realize

I know you had your views, but respected mine

I know you had to restrict, but you chose freedom

I know you wanted me to stay, yet you gave me wings

I know you wanted me to be safe, but allowed me to fly
You scold enough to make me understand,

Tease enough to make me blush,

Love enough to forgive every mistake,

Care enough to read my face,

Support enough that I sail through,

Teach enough that I don’t forget..
You are the best daddy in the world, not because you are who you are…… But because you allowed me to be who I am & presented it proudly in front of the world.

You say am your honor but with time I realized am honored to be your only Darling Daughter!!! :* :*
❤ Proud to be King Daddy’s Princess ❤

🙂  Happy Wala Father’s Day 

Travel Mate

A little poem for my happy feet who support me in my life travels. Little things that we tend to take for granted.

You make me stand firm, define my path and leave trails of experience behind.

With you I have travelled through the roads of this life and will continue to walk miles before I die.

I look at my feet and admire, For they work night and day and never retire or get tired.

My feet define me as beautifully as I am..

Day After Day As A Woman

I write as a feminist today. A feminist who is also a humanist. Women are equally human. There is no competition between men and women. They are individually who they are. But neither of them has the right to hurt and humiliate the other one. Wake up people wake up. Let us live too!

Day after day, year after year;
More am I molested as more do I wear.

They say we are developing, they say we are growing.
Through my eyes see the fear,
Is this the day for which we geared.

Where is my freedom, where is my name;
All that is left is the shame of this game.

Better was my childhood with a fairy tale,
Where the beast was my prince and beauty was my name.

I wish to live free, free like any other mammal,
For this mankind has harassed us all, a woman or an animal.

Tujhe Mil Ke Ye Kesa Sukoon Aaya

Anecdote of a moment in the form of poem.. a moment of love in which I lived ages & births.

Tujhe mil k ye kesa mere dil ko sukoon aaya,

Ku khoya mene tujhko iss tarah aur iss tarah paa k bhi Kya paya..

Kitni madhosh thi wo dhuye si chalakti teri baaten,
Jaam k nashe si teri pyaar bhari baaten..

Wo aalam wo nazdeekiyaan aur wo pyaar ki kahaani,
Hain aaj bhi gumnaam fir bhi hain roohani..

Puchte ho humse aur jataate bhi nahi,
Ye kesa hai ehsaas jo hum-tum bataate he nahi..

Kuch nishaan iss dil pe kuch iss jism pe hare hain,
Kuch humne aapko kuch aapne humko bhi diye hain..

Kya waqt ne madmast ye khel jamaya hai,
Kal tak jo mera tha wo aaj kitna paraya hai..

Iss daag k sahare jeene ka maza alag hai,
Tere ishq me yu doob k paar jaane ka maza alag hai..

Darr lagta tha ek zamaane me zamaane se,
Ab darr ye hai k na churalu tujhe iss zamaane se!
Written on day 3 of love.. May 22, 2017

I had a dream

I had a dream, a dream of dreams
Special one for it used to gleam
It came as gradual as the wisdom in all
For ones I denied and he felt he’ll fall.

To stand by him & strengthen the pace
I closed my eyes & fell with grace
As harsh as he felt the more I soothed
To smoother the phase I just went loose.

The rope suddenly was pulled so tight
It clenched my life & dreams did fight
No autumn fall could stop this part
It was a choice as simple as start.

One dream did die but it was not thy
It belonged to one who never aimed for sky
I still do pray for a dream this time
It belongs to you and our present in time…….